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Important Information

Since November 2011 shipping company increased the cost of their service by 50%, but the cost of our service remains the same. Even more, starting November 24, 2012 we provide one DVD or CD disk free of charge as Christmas free gift.
Please, be advised that we use shipping service which does not accept PO Boxes as your shipping address. Please use your private or office addresses only when filling out the forms required by the Paypal payment system while credit card payment procedures.

Delivery to any point of the world usually takes up to 14 working days.

Since shipping of merchandise from Georgia is rather expensive, unfortunately we have to sell DVDs in sets which contain 3 or more DVDs. You can choose any music DVDs from the list below and request from 3 to 7 DVDs (same or different titles) in the set. If you need more DVDs, please contact me (I will provide you with discount). Write to me prior to payment to learn if DVDs you have selected are currently available, since we order them at recording studious and DVD manufacturing companies.

The set of three DVDs.

Price: USD 20
Shipping: USD 35
Total: USD 55

The set of four Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 30
Shipping: USD 35
Total: USD 65

The set of five Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 40
Shipping: USD 35
Total: USD 75

The set of six Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 48
Shipping: USD 35
Total: USD 83

The set of seven Georgian DVDs.

Price: USD 56
Shipping: USD 35
Total: USD 91

Choose DVD with Georgian Music

Choose up to seven DVDs from the list below and before payment of relevant amount please send me an E-mail indicating the DVD which you would like to purchase. It is possible to purchase mixed items: CDs, DVD, and video tapes. You should consult with me first and I will check the availability and prepare special price for you. If you need more then seven DVDs, please write to me, I will provide you with discount and will create a special payment button for you.

Georgian music performances

  1. Georgian Voices. 2008. 19 Georgian songs and instrumental peaces. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  2. Bidzina Kvernadze (Famous Georgian composer). Spring Will Come Anyway. Recital. Stereo. 4:3. SS-DVD-0324. 2006. Genre: Popular music and music from movies. Provided with Mr. Bidzina Kvernadze autograph. First part: 14 songs by artistic performance of: Nani Bregvadze., N. Kapanadze, L. Bagrationi, Temur Tatarashvili, T. Chokhonelidze, M. Roinishvili, E. Kvaliashvili, D. Gomarteli, T. Gachechiladze, N. Metonidze, E. Mamaladze, M. Sepashvili. Second part: 10 Selected Songs. Singing L. Bagrationi, A. Nijaradze, E. Mamaladze, N. Kutateladze. I. Uchaneishvili, D. Abesadze, Z. Tskitishvili, R. Gelashvili, Third part: Concert in the Tbilisi Opera House in 2003. 13 songs. Singing: G. Chichinadze, L. Bagrationi, D. Chkuaseli, G. Khutsishvili, M. Maglaperidze, R. Rtskhiladze, N. Metonidze,
  3. Ksovrelebi Concerts. Stereo. 4:3. 2007. Genre: Folk. Part 1. 35 pieces. Part 2. 20 pieces.
  4. Lela Tsurtsumia. Live concert. 12 songs. 2006. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  5. Tamar Goguadze. Live concert. 10 songs. 2006. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  6. From UNIVERSITETI till GEORGIAN VOICES. 2005. PAL 4:3. STEREO. Duration: 98 min. Genre: Folk
  7. Georgian Musical Video Cocktail #2 from Giga Agladze. Video clips. 2005. PAL 4:3. STEREO. 95 min.
  8. Georgian Musical Video Cocktail #1. Video clips. 2004. PAL 4:3. Stereo. 95 min.
  9. Kelaptari. Ensemble of Georgian TV and Radio Broadcasting. Art director: Nugzar (David) Kavtaradze. Janre: Georgian folk music. 75 min. PAL 4:3. Stereo.
  10. Georgian Voices. On and Off Stage (1987 - 1997). You Must See It To Believe! PAL 4:3. PCM Stereo. 102 min.
  11. Shin and Georgika. Concert in Ajara Music Hall. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  12. Teimuraz Tsiklauri. 2004. gmerto ikhesen saqartvelo. O Lord, Rescue Georgia. 6.05.2004 concert at the Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Academical Theatre. Giorgi Brtskinvale Anniversary. Starring: Givi Berikashvili, Temur Chalabashvili, Temur Kvitelashvili, ME RUSTVELI Ensemble, MDZLEVARI Male Folk Ensemble, Pantomime Group led by David Shalikashvili. Director: Jemal Bagashvili. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  13. Nino Katamadze. Start New Peaceful Day. Live concert. 2004. Video CDs is also availbale. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  14. David Khujadze (Dato Hujadze). Video clips. Documentary film. Live concert. 2004. 16 pieces. 67 min. PAL 4:3. Stereo.
  15. Nani Bregvadze. Live concert in Moscow Central Concert Hall "Rossiya". PAL 4:3. STEREO. 100 min.
  16. Jemal Sepashvili. Bravo, Maastro! 1004. 30 pieces. 132 min. PAL 4:3. STEREO.
  17. Dato Gomarteli. Video clips. Fragments from concerts. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  18. peiverki (feiverki) zgvis piras. Concert in Ureki (Resort at Black Sea shore). PAL 4:3. STEREO
  19. Pirosmany (Pirosmani) musical. Legendary Ensemble IVERIA. Live concert in Moscow Central Concert Hall "Rossiya". PAL 4:3. STEREO.
  20. Ibero-Caucasian Style. The SHIN meets Georgika. 84 min. PAL 4:3. PCN Stereo. A fascinating fusion of Jazz, European music, Orient and acient Georgian musical culture.
  21. Trio Tbilisi. simgeraa chveni sapicari (Song Is Our Pray). Video Clips, fragments from the concerts plus Karaoke. 36 pieces. PAL 4:3. STEREO.
  22. Nato Gelashvili. 2004. Live Concert on LAGUNA VERE swimming pool. and karaoke is added. 90 min. PAL 4:3. PCM Stereo. Program: 1) mikvarkharo dzalian, 2) tkivils nigar momakeneb, 3) kali kalobs, 4) gabutuli tuchebi, 5) areuli kali, 6) tendeba, 7) satrpialo, 8) tu ki odes mogenatro, 9) dro midis, 10) ar mikvarhar, 11) isev game, 12) saakhaltslo, ... 29) mravaljamier.
  23. Daisi. Music by Zakharia Paliashvili. (1971). Directed by Nikoloz Sanishvili. 71 min. In Georgian. Medea Amiranashvili .... (voice); Zura Anjaparidze (voice); Tamar Gurgenidze (voice), Irakli Shushania (voice); Givi Toronjadze (voice); Tengiz Zeniklishvili (voice) . More Information. PAL 4:3. MONO. Black and White
    Abesalom and Eteri. Music by Zakharia Paliashvili. (1966). Directed by Leo Esakya. 78 min. In Georgian. Lacks about 20 min of original recording. Bad video and audio quality but the best quality currently available in Georgia. More Information. PAL 4:3. MONO. Black and White
  24. dimpit-auri. MAESTRO Studio. Concert for the New Year 2004. PAL 4:3. STEREO
  25. Collection of Karaoke+ (89 min)
    . PAL 4:3. Karaoke + format 1. shentvis vmgeri I am Singing For You (Veriko Turashvili)
    2. dro Time (Kristine Imedadze)
    3. simgera sikvaruls hgavs Song Is Like Love (Zuka Khutsishvili)
    4. shentan minda I'd Like To Be With You (Kaha (Kakha) Tsiskaridze)
    5. usasrulo molodini Timeless Waiting (Tata Giorgobiani)
    6. nislisfero ganshoreba Misty-color Parting (Merab Sepashvili)
    7. shemodgomis surneli Autumn Smell (Lela Tsurtsumia)
    8. sizmari - A Dream (Lela Tsurtsumia)
    9. gatehili guli - Broken Heart (Dato Gomarteli)
    10. machuke es game Present Me This Night (Achiko Mefaridze (Mepharidze, Meparidze)
    11. guli elodeba A Heart Is Waiting (Street Boys and Nini)
    12. Tbilisis mzes - To The Sun of Tbilisi (Ensemble FORTE)
    13. shenze pukri Thoughts on You (Zuka and Gio Khutsishvili)
    14. tsvims It's Raining (Kaha Tsiskaridze and Neka Sebiskveradze)
    15. ra damivitskebs - What Would Force Me To Forget
    16. zapkhulis tsmimashi In The Sping Rain (Merab Sepashvili)
    17. me sheni gimili var I Am Your Smile (Merab Sepashvili)
    18. idumali rame Misterious Night (Lela Tsurtsumia)
    19. dro mova Time Will Come (Eka Kahiani (Kakhiani))
    20. motkhari -Tell Me (Achiko Meparidze)
    21. getkvi erts I Will Tell You One Thing (Street Boys)

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